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Microsoft is committed to helping current and former service members find new career paths in the technology industry. With tech training through Microsoft Software & Systems Academy, job listings at Microsoft and partnerships with other tech industry leaders, we want to thank you for your service and pledge to help turn your military experience and skills into a new civilian career.


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Current Service

Current Service Members

Current service member with a scheduled separation date: Learn more about intensive tech training and career guidance through Microsoft Software & Systems Academy.

Former Service

Former Service Members

Former service member looking for a career at Microsoft: Search Microsoft’s job listings for career opportunities that fit your skills.

Former Service
Members, New Career

Former service members

Former service member looking for new skills to change careers: Learn more about Microsoft Virtual Academy and other training resources.

Student Veterans

Student veterans

Student veteran thinking about a degree in technology: Learn more about Microsoft’s career opportunities for students and graduates.



Entrepreneur or small-business owner: Learn more about Microsoft’s commitment to supplier diversity.

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Hiring Process

Learn more about the steps current and former service members can take to start your career at Microsoft.

Student Programs

Microsoft offers programs for current students and recent graduates to help you kick-start your career.

Not sure what you want to do or if you are qualified? There are thousands of options across hundreds of teams at Microsoft — and we make it easier. Use this decoder to translate the skills you earned during military service into civilian terms so you can find your best career opportunities. What’s stopping you from chasing your next pursuit?

Decode Military Jobs into Civilian Jobs

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Training & Resources

Microsoft Software & Systems Academy is a tech training and career guidance program for U.S. service members with a scheduled discharge date.

Microsoft works with partners to offer software training and certification to build your skills and qualifications.

Microsoft offers discounts to current and former service members for products and services for your business or your personal life.

Microsoft welcomes current and former service members as employees. Search our job listings to find opportunities that are right for you.

  • Opening doors for service members and the tech industry

    Microsoft has been steadily building the MSSA program over the past two years. Today, thanks to a growing commitment between the public and private sector, and the IT industry to hire strong talent right out of the military, Microsoft is announcing the expansion of MSSA from 3 to 9 regions, servicing 12 bases.

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  • Tales from the Old Glory trails

    The second annual Old Glory Relay, conducted by Team Red, White, and Blue (Team RWB) and presented by Microsoft, kicked off at sunrise on Sept. 11 in San Francisco. Follow along as Microsoft runners and volunteers share their experiences helping carry Old Glory across the nation.

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  • Gimme 20! — And support service members transitioning to civilian life

    Those of us with military experience are no strangers to “giving 20” — or 50, or 100 — but it’s not often we can give 20 to support a great cause.

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Microsoft Military Community

In the military, there is a strong sense of pride and purpose standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow servicemen and women. At Microsoft, we recognize the importance of continuing that close sense of community with your military brethren. We invite you to join us in that special military community.

From pilot to sales exec: Transferring military commitment to business dedication

Whether you were trained to do your job, or simply born to do it, your level of commitment and preparation will determine success.
December 16, 2015/by bpruitt

Two-star admiral says the key to a successful transition is networking

If there’s one thing 38 years in the Navy can teach you, according to Mark Heinrich, it’s that service members have had many diverse experiences they can draw from when entering the civilian world.
March 8, 2016/by bpruitt

From military to MBA and now Microsoft: Former Army captain learns to transition across roles and reach new heights

John Woo enlisted in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) while in college because he wanted to have a positive impact on his country’s security. After five years of active duty service, Woo was ready to return to civilian life but he didn’t want to stop making a difference.
July 28, 2015/by bpruitt

Louisiana National Guardsman helps protect the U.S. from cyberthreats — both in the military and at Microsoft

Many former service members find the skills they learned in the military are applicable to their subsequent civilian careers. National Guardsman Dan Fain is both using those skills and applying them in real time.
February 3, 2016/by bpruitt

Marine reservist finds Microsoft shares his commitment to duty

As a gunnery sergeant and 14-year veteran of the Marine Corps Reserve, Brent Huntington has seen the best and the worst of workplace support for employee National Guard and reserve commitments. So when he was ready to change jobs in 2014, he knew that any company he was willing to consider had to be serious about its commitment to his military reserve duty.
October 1, 2015/by bpruitt
After more than 20 years in the Army, Myers was startled to be called a “newb” during his first week at Microsoft.

MSSA training turns Army retiree into Microsoft dream-job “newb”

Microsoft’s vast workforce of programmers and engineers relies on the company’s IT infrastructure to create the software and services of the future. Travis Myers is in the thick of it — and he couldn’t be happier.
November 30, 2015/by bpruitt

Army specialist embraces MSSA’s culture of learning

There are as many different types of jobs in the military as in the civilian world, and as many people with the varied skills to fill them. Some service members end up holding guns, some end up holding tools and some end up holding musical instruments.
March 21, 2016/by John Haynsworth

Understanding people, processes, leadership brings success at Microsoft

One thing Microsoft values among its employees who are former service members is their diversity of experience. Who better to exemplify that diversity than a Marine Corps veteran who went on to become an Army combat officer before starting his civilian career?
December 7, 2015/by bpruitt

Marine’s leadership skills and growth mindset lead her to Microsoft

When Erin Mackin saw that the other candidates for a job opening at Microsoft were experienced tech account managers, she assumed she was out of the running.
November 17, 2015/by bpruitt

Microsoft tech training helps Army intelligence specialist find civilian career at Federal Occupational Health

When Dennis Huang left Wall Street to join the Army, he thought he’d return to a finance career when his service was over. But today Sgt. Huang is working as an IT project administrator at Federal Occupational Health, helping manage the migration of a database encompassing more than 4 million records. The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) was a crucial step in his journey from finance to firearms to a federal data system.
July 27, 2015/by bpruitt
Military and work life taught Wyatt Cutler that “it’s not about you. It’s about helping each other be successful.”

Learning to lead: Microsoft director’s success started in the Army

Wyatt Cutler has always been a leader. Whether it was on sports teams, as a major in the Army or in his current role as director of talent management at Microsoft, Cutler is at his best when he’s helping others succeed.
April 4, 2016/by John Haynsworth

One step ahead: National guardsman now protects customers

It’s a wish expressed by many over the ages: If only I knew then what I know now. Except in Troy Davis’ case, he actually did. Just after his 17th birthday, Davis made an enlightened choice for someone in the middle of his junior year of high school: Seeking to jump-start his future career and his finances, he joined the National Guard.
October 12, 2015/by bpruitt
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