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Welcome to our hiring partner network

Introducing employers to veteran talent

Microsoft works with hundreds of hiring partners to match our skilled graduates with open roles.

We view our partnership with veteran-ready companies as critical to addressing the skills gap in the technology industry. Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA)—our flagship offering—provides the training, and companies throughout tech benefit from experienced veteran talent.

Coast Guard service members secured to rope dangling from helicopter

Hiring partners play a key role in training and funneling military talent throughout our industry.

After 17 weeks of immersive training MSSA graduates are equipped with the technical foundations and comprehensive professional skills to kick off a meaningful career in tech.

A tech industry employee turns and smiles as she walks up a spiral staircase outside of U.S. office.

Our hiring partner program is powered by companies committed to hiring MSSA graduates.

As a hiring partner, your company gains access to a skilled pipeline of candidates with the drive, discipline, training, and capabilities to thrive in IT roles in any industry.

“MSSA stands out from other veteran ‘bootcamp’ programs because of the access it provides to potential hires, its user-friendly resume database, and the specialized Microsoft competencies and certifications that make its graduates job-ready for our veteran-friendly company.”


Gary S. Patton
Vice president of military and veterans affairs
CACI International Inc.

“The MSSA program is a great conduit for Southwest Airlines because it has created a system to find talent—currently serving or recently transitioned—and expose them to modern technologies while assisting them to begin their transition to civilian life and the corporate world. Southwest Airlines is proud to hire MSSA graduates and enjoys welcoming them to our Southwest Family.”


Derek Whisenhunt
Head of end user computing
Southwest Airlines

Our impact
  • 175+
    job titles MSSA graduates have accepted upon graduation
  • 2500+
    MSSA graduates employed by hiring partners
  • >90%
    graduates have an active security clearance
  • 92%
    MSSA graduates are employed in tech
  • 3,732
    MSSA graduates since 2013
  • 95%
    participant graduation rate from MSSA
  • 8
    years of active duty service (average for incoming MSSA participants)
  • 2 in 3
    graduates rank mentorship as a program highlight
  • 617
    Microsoft employees volunteer to mentor MSSA participants

Get access to our Microsoft-skilled veteran talent pipeline

Why become a hiring partner?

Gain access to skilled candidates with the drive, discipline, and training to drive impact in the fast-paced world of IT.

MSSA graduates have thrived in roles like:

  • IT network support engineer
  • project + program manager
  • technical account manager
  • IT sales
  • software engineer
  • service engineer
  • customer success engineer
  • technical project + program manager
  • cybersecurity engineers
  • database developer
  • information security consultant
  • systems administrator

Why hire MSSA

Businesswoman working on laptop in office conference room

Need cleared talent? Look no further.

90%+ of MSSA grads have an active security clearance.

Your organization's veteran hiring pipeline

Graduate stories and testimonials

With 17 weeks of career-aligned technical training, our graduates thrive on-the-job and drive impact in the organizations they work with.

In the military I was responsible for a large team while deployed. I use those skills every day as a program manager.

Dhananjay — USA, software engineering manager

Bolster your organization by hiring veteran talent

Military Helicopter and Army Soldiers Overlook the Setting Sun

Service members leave the military with deep skills that can’t be taught in school.

Just about anyone can learn to code, but you can’t teach the deep learnings that you develop in military service. It’s problem navigation—not time in-role—that gets the job done every time. That mastery is what every veteran brings to the table, and what business decision-makers need to understand.

Three people sharing ideas in an office

As MSSA and the hiring partner network grow together, the value in this ecosystem is clear

Not only do hiring partners gain access to an impressive, previously untapped talent pool—they also join a strong partner ecosystem where Microsoft is committed to adding value and helping to generate new solutions and opportunities.

Learn about the impact veterans can have in your organization.

Microsoft is proud to continue its commitment to the veteran and military community and encourages industry leaders to join the network of companies supporting veterans in their transition to technology careers.

Join other industry leaders

MSSA plays an important role in addressing both the veteran community’s employment gap and the critical skills gap impacting the technology field. That’s why we partner with more than 1,000 companies across industries to help participants begin to build their careers immediately following graduation.


MSSA graduates making waves in the private sector