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Who is eligible to apply?

MSSA is open to military retirees, veterans, and transitioning service members from all branches. Active duty service members are eligible when they are within six months of separation or retirement.*

Check exceptions to the 180-day rule

Eligibility requirements are based on your military status at the time of application.

Application documentation differs based on your military status, branch of service, and more.

Required documentation is based on an applicant’s current military status at the time of application.

Consult FAQs

Our FAQs detail MSSA’s eligibility requirements for each branch of service and duty status. Use this document as your primary reference for MSSA program eligibility. Your branch’s requirements may differ, so you will need to work with your branch to obtain required eligibility documentation to apply.

Identify your POC

Active duty service members must consult with their local SkillBridge program manager before applying to MSSA. Transition approval and documentation procedures differ with each service branch, and you will need specific and timely documentation from your base’s POC to apply.

180-day cutoff for active duty service members

Check your timing

To apply for an upcoming cohort as part of a DoD transition program, active duty service members‘ date of separation must fall within 180 days of the program start date.*

*Policy update for active duty applicants

We’ve updated our 180-day policy for active duty service members to be flexible for transitioning service members, and to best support our program’s ultimate goal—get our graduates jobs at the completion of program!

*In either case, the service member’s actual or adjusted end of service/separation date must remain within 210 days of the program start date offered by Microsoft Military Affairs.

Is MSSA a fit?

Determining whether MSSA is the program for you

If technical terminology makes your eyes cross, you’re exactly who MSSA was designed with in mind.

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[Un]official eligibility checklist

We’re invested in the success of each of our participants. Experience has shown that certain factors make otherwise eligible applicants unlikely to fully benefit from the time investment MSSA participation requires. Review the factors listed here and be sure that MSSA is a good fit for you before investing time preparing for materials cutoff.