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Announcement: MSSA has discontinued use of the Pearson Vue ITS and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams as a prerequisite certification. Starting May 2023, applicants submit a certificate of achievement for the LinkedIn Learning path aligning to their chosen MSSA learning path.


Prerequisite certifications

Explore MSSA learning paths with custom LinkedIn Learning paths while deciding on your focus area. Once you’ve selected your focus area, earn your LinkedIn Learning certificate of achievement and submit before the materials cutoff date.

MSSA LinkedIn Learning paths

Learn foundational concepts using LinkedIn Learning paths designed for the MSSA program.

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What are MSSA LinkedIn Learning paths?

MSSA applicants complete a prerequisite learning path aligning to their chosen MSSA learning path.

Each MSSA LinkedIn Learning path teaches core technical skills and knowledge required before starting the program. MSSA LinkedIn Learning paths are designed to prepare applicants for the courses taught in the MSSA program and to ensure applicants have the required baseline skills before starting the program.

LinkedIn Premium is required to access LinkedIn Learning paths.

Service members and veterans can register for a free 1-year, LinkedIn premium subscription.


I do not currently hold any IT certifications. Can I still apply

Definitely! You do not need to have the certification before you submit your MSSA application. Most applicants don’t have their prerequisites completed when they submit their initial application. Certifications must be achieved before the Materials Cutoff deadline of your application cycle.

Certifications may be considered in evaluating applicants for admission to the MSSA Program.