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MSSA program prerequisites

Explore MSSA learning paths with custom LinkedIn Learning paths while deciding on your focus area. Once you’ve selected your focus area, earn your prerequisite learning certificates of achievement and submit to MSSA before the materials cutoff date to continue your application.

MSSA LinkedIn Learning paths

Learn foundational concepts using LinkedIn Learning paths and custom collections designed to support each unique MSSA learning path.

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What are MSSA LinkedIn Learning paths and collections?

MSSA applicants complete a prerequisite learning path aligning to their chosen MSSA learning path.

Each MSSA LinkedIn Learning path or learning collection teaches core technical skills and knowledge required before starting the program. MSSA’s prerequisite learning requirements are designed to prepare applicants for the courses taught in the MSSA program and to ensure applicants have the required baseline skills before starting the program.

LinkedIn Premium is required to access LinkedIn Learning paths.

Service members and veterans can register for a free 1-year, LinkedIn premium subscription.


Minimum experience requirements

Cybersecurity Operations

Minimum experience for CSO applicants

CSO applicants must have 2+ years of experience in cybersecurity, including experience in networking and server operating systems. This requirement supports candidates’ competitiveness for cybersecurity roles following program completion. CSO applicants must also have an active CompTIA Sec+ certification to be eligible.

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Hardware and software requirements

Learn about the minimum system setup you’ll need to be successful in MSSA.

Access the MSSA system requirements guide