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Welcome to the MSSA Alumni Network

The ‘Once an MSSA grad’ promise

You’ve heard it throughout your 17 weeks of training: Once an MSSA grad, always an MSSA grad. As an MSSA alumni, your access to our hiring, job search, and career skills resources endure long past the duration of your cohort.

Resources for every step of your career path.

We’re highlighting resources in MSSA’s jobsearch and professional development toolbox that alumni can leverage for their career momentum. Click through different career chapters to find opportunities to engage as an MSSA Alumni.

Lean in to unlock your network.

We’re announcing new ways for MSSA Alumni to engage with our community and each other. Connect with other alumni as an alumni mentor or mentee; and share updates, resources, and career connections on the new MSSA Alumni Network group on LinkedIn.

Where are you in your career journey?


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Review opportunities for MSSA alumni to engage our career services. Whether you’re preparing for a job change or actively seeking new opportunities, engage MSSA services for support refining your resume, preparing for an interview, and exploring open roles at MSSA hiring partners as an alumni.

Explore resources for jobseekers

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Growing in career

Sharp tech skills can get you the job—once you’re driving projects and leading people, advanced professional skills make the difference between stress and finesse. Review curated resources for MSSA graduates to expand on their MSSA ProDev curriculum, and opportunities to refine your skills by engaging the MSSA Alumni Network.

Expand your professional development skills

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Leader in role

You’ve arrived. You’re established in your field, and have a resume that proves it. Learn how you can connect with MSSA alumni through service or thought leadership in your field of expertise.

Learn how you can contribute as an MSSA program advocate