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The skills taught in MSSA’s learning paths are aligned to some of the technology industry’s most in-demand career roles.

NEW! Cybersecurity Operations (CSO)

Topics include infrastructure and security fundamentals, core cybersecurity as well as Microsoft Azure security technologies.


Become a cybersecurity operations professional who can protect and defend both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. Be part of a team defending IT infrastructures against malicious cyberattacks.

Server and Cloud Administration (SCA)

Topics include creating Windows Server workloads, implementing networking, virtual machines, authentication and authorization, cloud models, and Azure administration.


Become a system administrator who can install, configure, manage, and support IT resources on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment to meet the technology needs of major organizations.

Cloud Application Development (CAD)

Concepts include database programming, data integration and manipulation, C# application programming with ASP.NET Core MVC application development in Azure.


Become a C# programmer to build local, server based and cloud-stored applications.

Target roles for CSO include:

  • security operations analyst
  • cybersecurity solution analyst
  • security technical specialist
  • security engineer

Roles SCA grads have accepted following program completion include:

  • IT network support engineer
  • project / program manager
  • IT sales / consultant
  • technical account manager

Roles CAD grads have accepted following program completion include:

  • software engineer
  • service engineer
  • customer success engineer
  • database engineer
Technical curriculum and resulting certifications*

Workforce-ready learning paths

MSSA learning paths are provide foundational training for participants to achieve industry-recognized certification. Click through each learning path to get a sense of general topics and competencies covered by each curriculum, and the certifications we strive to prepare you for.

Certifications MSSA-CSO participants can achieve if they pass the associated exams.

Foundational cybersecurity skills

  • Windows Server Networking and Identity
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Azure and Azure Security
  • Azure Security Technologies



Selecting a learning path

Selecting your MSSA learning path is a major decision. It will determine the technical curriculum and skilling you receive and become the technical foundation for your new career.

Young professionals work collaboratively on laptop computers in a well-lit office space.

Key factor: your recent prior experience in IT.

If you have 2+ years of experience in cybersecurity, INCLUDING experience in BOTH networking and server operating systems—the new CSO learning path was designed with you in mind.

No experience? No problem. We’ve designed SCA and CAD to upskill participants to workforce-readiness in 17 weeks—no prior experience required.

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Your career needs are unique to you.

We recommend that you research topics and careers aligning to each learning path. Key considerations might include your personal interests, location, salary, promotion potential, job flexibility, availability, and experience requirements.

Unsure where to start? Get your feet wet with Microsoft Learn

Utilize these (free!) online resources from Microsoft Learn to get a foundation in some of the technologies you’ll learn about in each MSSA learning path.


Jumpstart your training on LinkedIn Learning

We’ve partnered with LinkedIn Learning to design digital courses that introduce the topics covered in MSSA learning paths.


LinkedIn Learning has training resources—and certifications—on many technical and business topics. Anyone with a premium LinkedIn subscription can access these learning paths.

Transitioning veterans are eligible for 1 year of LinkedIn Premium at no cost by registering here.

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Reinforce your knowledge of Cybersecurity Operations (CSO)

Cybersecurity Fundamentals teaches fundamental networking and security operations concepts. This recommended pre-learning prepares Cybersecurity Operations (CSO) participants for accelerated skilling in critical-need cybersecurity technologies. It is also a prerequisite for CSO applicants.

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Get to know the basics of Server & Cloud Administration (SCA)

Networking and Administration Fundamentals teaches fundamental networking and Windows Server administration concepts. It can also help you prepare for MSSA’s Server & Cloud Administration (SCA) learning path, which helps transitioning service members and veterans find work as network and cloud administrators.

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Familiarize yourself with Cloud Application Development (CAD)

Software Development Fundamentals learning path covers fundamental concepts of software development. It is also aligned to our Cloud Application Development (CAD) learning path, helping transitioning service members and veterans to find work as software developers.

Training partners

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. To help realize this mission for transitioning military service members, Microsoft works side-by-side with education leaders to help service members advance from the military to a career in IT. Our MSSA education partners provide a wide range of educational assets and value-added programs including instructor-led classroom training, comprehensive hands-on laboratories, in-depth online courses, industry-recognized and highly valued certifications.

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