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Veterans, thank you for your service

Honoring military service on Veteran's Day

Every day of the year, and particularly on Veterans Day, we honor the contributions and sacrifice of service members and their families.

A message of our appreciation

On Veterans Day, we share our gratitude to current and former service members, and honor the courage, contributions, and sacrifices of current and former service members and their families serving around the globe.

You’re due our gratitude every day of the year.

Military service is more than a job. It’s a commitment of self and family, precious time and sacrifice to defend the values we hold dear. We recognize current and former serving military members for their selfless service, and for all they do to ensure safety for the rest of us every day of the year.

We also recognize your ongoing contributions to our broader community.

The generosity and spirit of Microsoft’s military community is at the heart of relationships, initiatives, and creative enterprises every day that drive at and enhance our mission to empower every person on the planet to achieve more.

The skills and values instilled in military service carry over long after a veteran has retired or left the service, to the continuing service of our Microsoft community, and many more.

Recognizing service

Commitment to service merits recognition on Veterans Day and every day. Today we thank our military veteran employees who continue to contribute to Microsoft and to our customers around the world.

Service members with different uniforms fist-bump.

We also acknowledge our allies and friends

As a global company we also honor those who have served alongside US veterans. Our allied military community has also inspired us to build innovative new solutions that can impact lives around the world and help everyone achieve more.

Access for all

Anthem for all

With assistive technology, injured veterans compose an anthem of hope.

Someone hurled a brick.

Ping! Then rocks and debris rained down. Plink, plink, plink. Safe inside the tank-like vehicle, Karl Hinett could barely hear the impact over the roar of the engine. The armored hull was designed to withstand large caliber ammunition and land mines, so this barrage may as well have been confetti… Continue reading


  • 4.7%
    US employees self-identified as having served the US Armed Forces or as having Protected Veteran status
  • 4,304
    mentor hours volunteered by Microsoft employees to Microsoft Software and Systems Academy participants in the first 9 months of 2022
  • 38
    countries where employees can identify as a person with military experience as part of Microsoft's Self Identification initiative
  • 617
    Microsoft employees volunteer to mentor veteran hires
  • 99%
    MSSA graduates employed or pursuing further education as a result of Microsoft Software and Systems Academy

Vets in Tech- Chris Cortez & Microsoft’s MSSA

(Ret.) MajGen Chris Cortez, Vice President of Military Affairs at Microsoft

“The courageous people who serve in the military commit themselves fully and selflessly to the demands of their role and the demands placed on them. As we honor our veterans and show our appreciation for their sacrifice and service, it’s important to honor veteran service both past and present — and acknowledge the ongoing contributions of service members as changemakers, champion collaborators, and humble leaders in our community.”

LindsayRaeMcIntyre4_2019 square for Inspire profile (1)

Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, Chief Diversity Officer at Microsoft

“Today and every day we celebrate veterans from all generations for their service, sacrifice and commitment to our country. Those who serve bring cultivated career skills and experience to all dimensions of our business, and the perspective we gain through our military employees is an invaluable driver of innovation and collaboration within our company and across the communities where we live and work. Veterans and their families are just one way we increase representation and strengthen a culture of inclusion at Microsoft and beyond.”

Kerry Olin

Kerry Olin, CVP of Human Resources at Microsoft

“Many in Microsoft’s military community are veterans and others still serve today, in reserve corps for their countries. They commit weekends to training. They accept the responsibility of periodic deployments, some weeks and even months in duration. They, along with active-duty peers, are at the ready to be called to serve by their country. They are also outstanding colleagues who have made a choice to apply their well-earned skills and capabilities at Microsoft. We are better as a result.”


Driving progress through transparency and accountability

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