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Microsoft celebrates promotion of employee Doug Pierson to USMCR Brigadier General

Doug Pierson's wife and daughter pin his rank on during his promotion ceremony.
Doug Pierson was joined by family, including his wife, Maggie, and daughter, Olivia, as well as friends and Microsoft colleagues eager to celebrate his achievement.

Doug Pierson is officially a one-star general officer in the United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR). He’s also a full-time Microsoft employee.

It’s an impressive accomplishment, made even more remarkable by the fact that the Marine Corps allows for only up to 60 brigadier generals at any time.

At his promotion ceremony, on July 11, 2018, at Microsoft’s main Redmond campus, Pierson was joined by family, friends, and colleagues eager to celebrate his achievement.

“I was truly humbled by how excited everyone was to help out and be part of the event one way or another,” Pierson said. “The response and support was overwhelming.”

For Microsoft, Brig. Gen. Pierson exemplifies why the company is committed to supporting employees who serve in the Reserve and National Guard—a commitment for which we were honored to receive the 2016 Extraordinary Employer Support Award from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The award reflects how we view our military members: Their contributions are undeniably valuable in a workforce that thrives by being inclusive of all backgrounds and experiences. And because National Guard and Reserve members rarely have access to the same resources as active duty and veteran service members, our support is built to help them thrive both at work and in service.

Even logistically, staying committed to both roles can become grueling. In Pierson’s case, the balancing act often means flying across the country on a Friday to spend the weekend training with the USMCR, then arriving home before dawn on Monday.

“But having a loving family and committed teammates who champion what you’re doing makes it all worth it,” Pierson said. “It reenergizes your spirit.”

As an area IT manager at Microsoft, Brig. Gen. Pierson can attest to the importance of that spirit as well as the accompanying mindset. By regularly applying the skills and values he learned as a Marine—leadership, perseverance, collaboration, and determination, among others—to his Microsoft work, he has attained success across the board.

And as Brig. Gen. Pierson continues to bring his best to everything he sets out to do for his country, his family, and Microsoft, we are proud to support him—and all who still serve.