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We set out to equip military career switchers with the skills to forge meaningful careers in IT.

Learn how we’ve evolved over a decade to stay true to our mission, and about the companies investing in MSSA graduates’ career success.

Our 3.6k MSSA graduates have exceeded our wildest hopes with their impact.

Catch up with 10 IT professionals who got their start with MSSA. Learn about the careers they’re building and their impact in the companies and projects they work with.

The veterans we’ve worked with and community we’ve built inspire us for the future.

The relationships we make at MSSA change lives. Discover new ways to engage with MSSA and alumni on our NEW! MSSA Alumni Network homepage.

Our impact
  • 3,642
    military veterans graduated from MSSA
  • >1k
    companies employ MSSA graduates
  • 2500+
    MSSA alumni direct-hired by Microsoft or our hiring partners
  • 2
    municipal veteran training programs developed with our model
  • 175+
    job titles MSSA graduates have accepted upon graduation
  • 617
    Microsoft employees mentor veteran hires
  • 95%
    graduation rate from MSSA
  • 8
    years of military service (MSSA participant average)
  • 98%
    graduates employed or are pursuing further education as a result of MSSA
  • 92%
    MSSA graduates are employed in tech
  • 2 in 3
    MSSA graduates rank mentorship as a program highlight

The making of a groundbreaking program

10 years ago we stood up the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy to connect the dots between the shortage of technical talent and the abundance of under-employed military talent. After 10 years, we couldn’t be more proud of our graduates and our impact.

Read Chris Cortez blog reflecting on MSSA’s 10-year milestone

MSSA Hiring Partner spotlight

Powering our talent ecosystem

Hiring partners play a vital role in funneling MSSA alumni throughout our industry. Learn about key contributors to the MSSA hiring ecosystem and how they facilitate MSSA graduates’ transitions to meaningful careers in IT.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is one of the most sought-after MSSA partner companies because of their culture, benefits, work flexibility, and growth opportunities. Warrior Hire is a specific program in partnership with MSSA that brings groups of 15 to 20 graduates into associate roles at Southwest Airlines and provides them with technical training, career support, and mentorship as they begin their civilian careers. Much like the cohort structure in MSSA, being part of a Warrior Hire “co-heart” at Southwest is exciting and rewarding. The synergy between Southwest and MSSA has inspired dozens of graduates to launch their post-military careers through Warrior Hire.

“Southwest Airlines Technology have been an MSSA Partner since 2018. We have hired almost 50 MSSA graduates over the last 5 years. We are so thankful for the MSSA Program and its graduates who are prepared for transition into corporate careers. We are grateful of our outstanding Men and Women that have so honorably served our Country and are now in the Southwest Airline ranks proudly representing our great company, their Military Branches, and our beloved Warrior Hire Program!”

Derek WhisenhuntHead of Airport Technology Infrastructure Engineering and Operations, Southwest Airlines

Stay connected with the MSSA Alumni Network

We’re launching the MSSA Alumni Network to facilitate alumni engagement and momentum in your career journey. Learn about career resources for MSSA alumni and the benefits unlocked by the MSSA Alumni Network.