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Review opportunities for MSSA alumni to engage our career services. Whether you’re preparing for a job change or actively seeking new opportunities, engage MSSA services for support refining your resume, preparing for an interview, and exploring open roles at MSSA hiring partners as an alumni.

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Get your resume reviewed

Get a personalized resume review geared towards your goals. Connect with MSSAOps to get connected with a career development manager to work with you.

Reach out to MSSAops to connect with our team

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Reactivate in the hiring portal

Upload your resume to be visible to MSSA hiring partners looking for MSSA graduates to fill available roles. When you reactivate in the hiring portal, you’ll also gain access to hiring fairs where you can interview for open roles with MSSA hiring partners.

Reach out to MSSAops or your CDM

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Join us for an upcoming job fair

Interview for open roles with MSSA hiring partners looking for MSSA talent.

Upcoming dates: November 10, 2023; January 12, 2024; April 12, 2024; August 9, 2024

Register for an upcoming hiring fair with MSSAops

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Prepare with mock interviews

Gearing up for a big interview? Work with our career development team to refine your interview skills with practice interviews and feedback.

Register for a mock interview with MSSAops

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Network with MSSA alumni network

Our alumni network is strong, with over 3,600 members and growing. Leverage the MSSA alumni network to share opportunities, connect for informational interviews, and identify MSSA graduates in companies you’re exploring.

Join the MSSA Alumni Network group on LinkedIn

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Work with an MSSA Alumni mentor

We’re announcing a new way for alumni to stay engaged with their network of MSSA alumni. Sign up as an alumni mentor or mentee—we’ll introduce you to another alumni with aligned mentoring objectives and experience.

Opt in as an alumni mentor or mentee