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Growing in career

Sharp tech skills can get you the job—once you’re driving projects and leading people, advanced professional skills make the difference between stress and finesse. Review curated resources for MSSA graduates to expand on their MSSA ProDev curriculum, and opportunities to refine your professional and communication skills by engaging with MSSA alumni and participants.

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We’re announcing a new way for alumni to stay engaged with their network of MSSA alumni. Sign up as an alumni mentor or mentee—we’ll introduce you to another alumni with aligned mentoring objectives and experience.

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Expand your trajectory by investing in ProDev

MSSA alumni know that continual learning is key to maneuvering a career in IT. We’ve curated learning resources from LinkedIn Learning that pick up where MSSA’s professional development curriculum leaves off. Look forward to regular updates to our recommended ProDev+ courses, and share your certifications and learnings with our community on LinkedIn.

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A leap in artificial intelligence

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4) represents a leap in artificial intelligence. It is a hot topic in technology and, to a degree, in society as a whole. As an autoregressive language model, GPT-4 uses deep learning to produce human-like text. In this course, award-winning technology leader Dr. Jonathan Reichental focuses on the role of artificial intelligence in business, with particular emphasis on GPT-4. Get some background and history on AI and OpenAI. Explore what GPT-4 is, as well as some examples of its applications. Dive into some of the challenges and limitations of GPT-4 and AI, in general. Plus, get practical advice on skills and careers in AI, and identify steps you and your organization can take next. 

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Introduce MSSA participants to your company

What does your job look like? What is it like working at your company? Share your intel on life as a working professional in IT with MSSA participants.

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Our alumni network is strong, with over 3,600 members and growing. Connect with MSSA Alumni for informational interviews, share opportunities, and identify MSSA alumni at your company.

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A day in the life

What does your day job look like? Do you have advice for participants or alumni who’d like to learn about your field? Share your thoughts and we’ll work with you to develop a guest blog or social media post to share your story.

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